SET-UP STUDIOS, Photographic studio rental

Where in Antwerp can you find a terrific modern photographic studio for rent where you can drive in with a car, with full flash equipment, all facilities, protected parking and much more!?

At SET-UP STUDIOS, since 2001, in the totally professional studio, very close to the Singel so very easy to reach.
In this large studio SET-UP STUDIOS has at its disposal a 5,7 meters wide infinity cove and a rail mounted flash, on 6 meters high!
But next to that it is also equipped with a room wide save, a make-up/changing area, modern sanitary facilities with shower and also a kitchen for food related photos.
And last but not least, a closed off-road parking wich facilitates very secure loading without stress!

For more informations, please visit the site of SET-UP STUDIOS bvba.