Photographic links...

  CANON  My digital full frame predilection, really the best 24x36mm frame cameras and lenses in this size!

  NOBLEX  Panoramic cameras with a rotating lens, we use(d) 2 models of them!

  DPREVIEW  ESSENTIAL to read BEFORE you buy your dream digital camera!!!

  ASA PHOTOGRAPHY  An excellent resource for photography!

  LUMINOUS-LANDSCAPE  Not as technical as Dpreview but tests on the field by a photographer.

  PIERRE MOEREMANS  Free work pictures of Pierre Moeremans, a moment in time...

Some artistic links...

  Anneke Morrens  Indringerige tekeningen en schiderijen van een Mechelse kunstenares.    Intriguing art diary by Mechelian artist.

  VISA for ART  Music, Sculpture, Painting, Performing, Photography... all about creativity. The topic EVENTS writes maybe about some artistic adventures close your home!